Ranu Mondal gets Meme trolled for her makeover look

Ranu Mondal gets Meme trolled for her makeover look

Ranu Mondal has done this once again. Normal Person, who gained fame from her viral singing videos, has once again become a hotbed of jokes. For starters, Ranu Mondal got a chance to sing for Himesh Reshammiya’s Happy Hardy and Heer and became a celebrity overnight.

Ranu Mondal used to sing at Ranaghat railway station in West Bengal but life changed for her after the viral video. She appeared in various TV reality shows. However, success soon popped into Ranu’s head and she was recently slammed for her rude behavior with a fan, who requested her for a picture.


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The video immediately went viral on the internet and Ranu became the part of jokes on social media. A few days after the case, Ranu Mondal is again in the headlines for similar reasons. Mondal is mocked for putting her over makeup on an event she was to attend. Her makeup, which was slightly lighter than her actual skin color, went horribly wrong. After this, Ranu Mondal is being a part of a meme on Twitter and the jokes will crack you for sure.


Ranu Mondal gets Meme trolled for her makeover look


Expressing a desire to buy a house in Mumbai, Ranu earlier told IANS, “I am very happy and feeling very good. I have already recorded five to six songs. The thing is that music in Mumbai Facilities means a lot to me. ” Important. It is also difficult to get on the plane from my house and from Mumbai. It would have been nice to have a house in Mumbai too. But I don’t need to think about it, God is there for me “

Ranu also mentioned, “I was not born on a footpath. I belonged to a good family but this was my destiny. I was separated from my parents when I was just six months old. “We have migrated to Mumbai from West Bengal after marriage. My husband worked as a cook at the home of filmstar Feroz Khan. His son Fardeen was in college at the time. He was very kind to us, like family members. “


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