iflix app - Ncell provides unlimited VIP access on iflix

iflix: Ncell provides unlimited VIP access to iflix App

Ncell started a movie streaming service iflix app in Nepal in 2017. Ncell partnered with worldwide popular entertainment service iflix to bring video streaming to Nepal. Now Ncell offers free unlimited streaming with VIP access to the iflix along with Nepali movie. Get details of what is iflix?, VIP access and latest Nepali movies on the iflix.


What is iflix App?

iflix is ​​an app service that enables its users to watch popular Nepali, Bollywood Hindi, Hollywood, and Korean HD movies and TV shows on their smartphones on. iflix has a huge online library of popular movies and TV shows from Nepali, Hollywood and Bollywood and other areas from which users can choose to watch. iflix streams more TV shows, movies over the Internet and you can watch them anytime, anywhere on your phone, laptop, tablet or TV. You can Watch and download Nepali full movie, Bollywood Movie, Hollywood movie, seasons and episodes on iflix.

Videos can also be viewed on a large TV screen from the Iflix and later downloaded for offline viewing. They say this is a great way to watch your favorite movies including Nepal, India and shows it right on your smartphone on the go.

Now the iFlix service has reached Nepal in partnership with Ncell and they are providing free unlimited streaming. See below for details.

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Ncell iflix offers

With the Ncell iflix offers, Ncell customers can use unlimited world-class service with their data usage. They can later download the movie or video to their phone to watch offline.

Prior to this, free service was limited for some time. Now you can get free unlimited VIP access to all materials on the iflix app using Ncell data. So, if you are on the Ncell data network, you do not need to subscribe to any package in iflix.


Charge for iflix movies in Ncell

In addition to the free offer, you can buy a 1-hour video pack to stream movies at Rs 10 (especially) and more on the iflix. If you want to see more, you can take as many hour packs as you can. Ncell iflix video packs are:

1. iflix video pack at 10 Rs
    •  Once
    •  Daily recurring

2. iflix night video pack Rs 10
   •  Once
   •  Daily recurring


How to use the iflix service in Nepal?

To use the iflix service, you must have an iflix app and access it for free for one night or using a few hours package. You can easily get iflix on your device using the process in the steps below:

Connect your Ncell network to your device.                                                                                      Download iflix from the App Store / Play Store in iOS / Android and open the app or go to               iflix.com.                                                                                                                                          Sign up and click “Access Now” and then you can use iflix content on your phone.                        To take an hourly pack of streaming Ncell iflix service, you must dial * 17137 #.


Customers can connect up to 5 devices to your iflix account. It can be your TV, phone, tablet, desktop, laptop. You can manage the list of your devices under MENU> ACCOUNT> DEVICES. You can stream two devices simultaneously.

Ncell said that they are happy to bring such a world-class service to local customers in Nepal. Iflix has content from over 220 studios and distributors. iflix has also received popular international films abroad including Hollywood, Bollywood Hindi movie and Nepali movie, TV series from abroad and iflix have also started here in Nepal.


Watch Latest Nepali movies in iflix

Now iflix has got top place in the Play Store chart for entertainment in Nepal. iflix also has a large library of international materials and some of them also have subtitles in the Nepali language. Now to make the app more attractive, they are bringing the latest Nepali movies on the app. They are combining more Nepali content like short films, TV serials, story yellers with partnerships with content owners and investing in their original core.


iflix also brought the super hit Nepali movieJatrai Jatra” to the app platform on November 22, 2019. Some of the earlier Nepali movies are Captain, Prasad, Saili, Breakup, Chakka Panja 2.

Comment down below what you think of the iflix app with popular international content like Bollywood Movie, Hollywood and Korean movie, latest Nepali movie and more.


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