Nazar 2nd December 2019 Written Full Episode Update
Nazar 2nd December 2019

Nazar 2nd December 2019 Written Full Episode Update

Nazar 2nd December 2019 Episode with Mohana tells Ansh you cannot go alive from here. Ansh says but I can go after I die. He takes a stem and puts it in the Patalkedki river. Ansh says that there is only one way to cross the lake, that is death. He stumbles to himself and says that I am coming, Pari. He falls down into the lake. Piya is searching Ansh.

Nishant and everyone builds a web around the house. Nishant says everyone to go inside. The arrow does not come in. It was trying to break the circle. Vedashree hugs the Pari. Dilruba holds that arrow.

Piya saw that Ansh dead. She runs to him. Piya says, Ansh, she cries. Piya hugs him and says please open your eyes. I did not let you go anywhere. You have faced all trouble yourself, now it’s my turn. She holds his face and gives her breath. Ansh opened his eyes. He says, Pari. Piya hugs him. Ansh rubs her face. Mohana looks at them angrily.

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Naman and Dilruba stop the arrow with a magnet. Naman says hurry up, we cannot hold it for long. Nishant says that we have to hide the Pari. Vedashree says in Ansh’s room.
Mohana says that you saved Ansh but it won’t help him. And Ansh you are such a fool, you died to save Pari?

What would happen to you if Piya was not here? Ansh says as long as Piya is with me, I am not afraid of even death. I can die for my children every time. Mohana says don’t worry, Pari will not be saved from death. Piya says nothing will happen to Pari. Mohana says that Arrow is on the way to kill her. It finds its target and kills her.

Nishant says that it will find Pari by anyway. We can mislead the arrow. Naman and Dilruba fall down. The arrow comes in. Nishant and Saavi put a liquid on the Pari. Her legs disappeared. Chaitali says that if the Pari disappears, it will not able to find her. Nishant says right but we have to disappear the whole body. Arrow comes in and goes near the pari. Everyone shouts in a large voice. Ansh and Piya come there and stop it together. Nishant says, Ansh, we have to break this arrow. Piya tells Pari to run. Ansh breaks the arrow.

Piya asks, him are you okay? Ansh says are you ok? Piya says yes, but really mad at you. Ansh says that I did not want all of you to suffer because of my sin of killing an innocent person. Piya says that Angad was Singha. He lied about Singha being a curse. Ansh is shocked. Piya says that he told me a fake story so he can marry to Mohana.

He could marry her, kill her and get rid of humans. He will kill everyone. You saved the lives of so many people. Ansh says that I did not know all this. I did not want Mohana to harm you, so I took her to Patalkedki Lake. I did not know that her target was Pari. I’m sorry. I can never forgive myself if something happens to Mohana.

Shekhar says to leave it we are all together. Abinash says yes, the Pari is also safe. Chaitali tell do we not need to hide Pari anymore? How will Paris’s leg get back? Nishant says that we will need Gangajal water for this. Piya brings Gangajal and puts them on the Pari. Ansh said sorry Pari beta, because of me your life was in danger. The Pari says no, papa and mamma saved me. Ansh hugs her.

The arrow connects back. Shekhar says that ends well. Pari says let’s take a group photograph. She takes family photos. Vedashree says Pari, you come here too. We can’t be complete without you. Pari says that you are my family. You are complete I want to take your photo. Arrow arrives and hits the Pari. Everyone shouts. The Pari falls down. Everyone is shocked.

Precap Nazar 3rd December 2019 Full Episode Written Update: Piya and Ansh hug the Pari and start crying. Mohana comes and says that I don’t think I take my revenge this is just the beginning.


Star Plus Nazar Serial 2nd December 2019 Episode is very entertaining. If you have miss Nazar 2nd December 2019 Episode on the tv then you can satisfy by reading these written updates.


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