Nazar 29th November 2019 Written Full Episode Update

Nazar 29th November 2019 Written Full Episode Update

Nazar 29th November 2019 Episode with Ansh comes to Mohana and she says finally you came yourself. She said you came here because of my fear or family love and Ansh said I am not scared of anyone, not you even not of death. 

Ansh performs magic and brings a Dayan tree with Angad duplicate. Mohana says why are you making trouble him after his death. Wasn’t it enough to kill him? Ansh takes him and disappears. Dilruba comes with Naman

Nishant and Saavi said you stole the Trikon? She says yes, first of all, no I don’t know after Nishant and Saavi say her to tell the truth otherwise we will attack you then she says yes I have taken that. Namana was kidnapped by Mohana, she said that I have to steal it otherwise she said she will kill Naman.

Piya asks the children that I know that both of you know where your father is. Where is he? Pari says that we cannot tell you because we have promised him. Piya says please tell me your papa was in trouble. Piya cries. Aadi says we should tell mamma? The Pari says Papa told us don’t tell to mamma. But I can tell you. She tells Aadi and Aadi says Pher that papa goes to Patalkedki river.


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Mohana follows Ansh and reaches the Patalkedki river. she says I need Angad. Ansh throws him into the Patalkedki river. Mohana says you fooled me to take here? He says that you cannot go back from here. Mohana says that you also can’t go from here. Ansh says that I know that none of us can go from here.

Priya and Dilruba with other members of  Rivavanshi reach Patalkedki river and saw the bridge was broken. Piya, tells Nishant that is there any way to reach Ansh and Nishant told her that no can return from there you anyone goes there. He said that the bridge is the way to go there but it was broken.

Piya, tells that Ansh was in danger and Dilruba says Ansh wasn’t in danger but Pari was in danger because I have given Mohana Pari’s hair not Ansh’s hair. Piya said to papa is there any solution to stop Trikon but Nishant tell her there is no solution. Naman said there is one way to stop Trikon that is Magnet.

Saavi says stop your stupid ideas but Nishant says yes Naman is right we need large Magnet to stop it. Nishant tells Dilruba and Naman to bring Magnet and Piya stay there and Nishant and others went to Rathod’s house to protect Pari from Trikon, Nishant says Rathod’s family that Mohana was going to kill Pari, not Ansh.

Vedashree says why  Mohana is going to do bad with innocent pari. Mohana says I am not going to kill you but I am Going to kill your daughter Pari. Mohana Hit Trikon and Trikon goes from there to hit Pari.

Precap- Nazar Serial 30th November 2019:  Nishant says we should know the direction of Trikon coming and Aadi says I Know Trikon is coming from this way.


Star Plus Nazar Serial 29th November 2019 Episode is very entertaining. If you have miss Nazar 29th November 2019 Episode on the tv then you can satisfy by reading these written updates.


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