Nazar 21th November 2019 Written Full Episode Update

Nazar 21th November 2019 Episode begins with Angad request Piya to listen to him once. Piya released him. He says that he is really in love with Mohana and starts telling the things that happened to him. Dilruba is looking chudail panchang for dating with Naman. She says that the day Aries full moon is shocking Nishant. He gets nervous.

Ansh comes in contact with Moonlight and Singha horn tries to hit Ansh on his forehead. Angad says that one night while he was on the drive, his car was stopped. At that time he found something shining and found horn. The horn suddenly fixed his head. He says that he is not doing all this on his own wish. Whenever he comes in contact with the moonlight, he loses control and Singha takes over.

Nishant realizes that he made a big mistake by sending Ansh on Aries full moon. Angad says that despite being in love with Mohana, he needs to marry her. He says that today is Aries Purnima and if today he marries Mohana, he will get rid of the curse and Singha will get another body.R

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Piya worried for Ansh, he don’t know about this and call Nishant. Dilruba says that she has someone to stop Ansh. Nishant says the same to Piya. Piya is about to leave when Angad says that only he can save him because horn belongs to him. He asks her to help him marry Mohana so that both he and Ansh will be saved.

Mohana and everyone are surprised to see the mandap ready for marriage. When asked about the reason, Piya says that since they are scared for Singha. They soon decided to get married. She remembers promises done with Angad that she will not tell anything as it might hurt Mohana. Mohana agrees when Angad says that it is his decision. Vedashree thinks that if Piya takes this decision then there will be some reason for it and agrees.

Naman leave there to find the Ansh. Dilruba offers to accompany her but he refuses and asks him to take care of Nishant and Saavi. He leaves while Dilruba is worried. Angad thanks Piya for believing him. He promises not to break her trust. Piya says that she has no choice and hopes that everything goes well. The family is not happy with the decision but Vedashree tells them to trust Piya. Mohana and Angad dress up as the bride-groom.

Dilruba’s bat returns and she is shocked to hear the news. She says that Ansh is in danger and goes to help him. He finds Ansh unconscious and tries to wake him up. She wonders if he also became Singha. Nishant and Saavi visit Pratmayan Dayan to know about Singha. She says that nothing can be done because if Singh kills Anyone, he will become a Singha permanently and they will not need moonlight to pass. Vedashree sees Piya worried and asks her the reason but Piya hides it from them.

Precap: Moonlight passes through Angad and becomes Singha. Everyone is shocked.


Star Plus Serial Nazar 21th November 2019 Episode is very entertaining. If you have miss Nazar 21th November 2019 Episode on the tv then you can satisfy by reading these written updates.




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