Nazar 4th November 2019 Written Update- Piya turns into Daayan

Nazar Written Update 4th November 2019: Piya turns into Daayan

The Nazar 4th November Episode begins with Piya looks Ansh and she hears the shower sound. Dayan Ansh is inside the bathroom. He comes out Piya says that you cannot be Ansh, where is Ansh? What did you do with him? He says what happened to Chaitali and Abhilash, and what will happen to you. Piya says shut up. He says that your husband will not able to fight with me. If Davansh was not able to fight with me then how Daivik was able to fight with me. Piya says that you will see how Daivik can. Piya breaks the mirror. He says that I do not want you to capture in the mirror. I have other plans for you. Piya looks into the water in the tub. Her witch comes out. She says go to her husband.

Nishant says that Ansh and Piya are also captured in the mirror. Panditji says what will we do now? If we can’t then who can. Nishant says that Pari and Aadi are out, so we have hope. They have powers like Ansh and Piya. They didn’t give up
Kalashree says that I knew that it would not be easy to catch Ansh and Piya.

Chaitali says that now let Vedashree stay here. Kalashree says no. Daayan Chaital says who is left now? Does Daayan Abhilash say Mohana? Kalashree says that she is a senior and powerful of Daayan, I have no fear of her. Daayan Chaital says who then? Kalashree says Aadi and Pari.

Pari says that papa and mamma did not return. Aadi says they are in trouble? Pari says that we should go out and see it. Aadi says but papa and mamma tell us not to go out. Pari says that they may need our help.

Panditji says that we have to think of a way to get them out. Does Nishant say that if they cannot come out, then we will also be captured inside the mirror and never come out? Panditji says we should use Daayan diamonds. Nishant says you are right.

Chaitali says how will we go out now. Ansh tries to break the mirror.
Kalashree says that we will become the most powerful. You all will become my Daayan family. Daayan Abhilash says that those children are still outside. Kalashree says that I will handle them. You guys handle Vedashree. Piya Daayan says where is she? She shows her Vedashree in the lift. The lift starts working and they come home.

Shekhar looks in the mirror and captured in the mirror. His Daayan version appears. Vedashree says that you said something? He refused. Chaitali says that kid does not even know that we are stuck here in the mirror.

Vedashree says where is everyone? Shekhar Daayan says that they must be staying in their rooms. Piya tries to break the mirror. It cuts off Ansh’s hand. His hand did not heal. Piya says why is it not healing? Kalashree says that your powers do not work here this my black magic world.

Ansh says that go from here, Piya says that our powers are not working. Abhilash said what shall we do now? Chaitali started crying. Shekhar says that Vedashree is alone outside. Ansh says that children should not come out of the room. Piya says that Daayan will try to take them out.

Kalashree comes out of the room. She says that Pari and Aadi come out. Aadi says that papa told us not to get out of the room. Aadi and Pari come out, Kalashree says in Ansh’s voice. The Pari says Papa is calling us. let’s go. Aadi says stop. Aadi looks outside and looks at Kalashree. He says that papa and mamma are not there. There is a Daayan who looks like a grandmother.

Dilruba comes to near Naman and said why do you look worried? He refused. She asked does Saavi said something? Naman said that she keeps insulting me. Dilruba said how dare she. Vedashree sees Piya and Ansh Daayan Avatar. She says where were you? We got stuck in the lift. Shekhar, please give prasad to everyone. Shekhar, I will give them.

Dilruba said that I will eat her. Naman said why do you always talked about eating all the time. It happens, people get nervous. Dilruba says when do people get nervous? Naman says when people are in love. Dilruba says she loves you? Does she want to take my husband? how dare she? Naman says relax. Dilruba says that I will see and check what is between you two.

Vedashree tells Piya and Ansh Daayan what is wrong with everyone? Abhilash was very angry when I was offering him Prasad and Shekhar keeps looking in the mirror. Ansh Daayan says that everything is fine. Vedashree says mirror? It broke, how? Piya Daayan said how many questions do you ask? Ansh says you keep talking all the time. We also have a life. Piya says that we do not get angry all the time. Vedashree said are you mad? Did I do anything wrong? Piya says let’s stop, Vedashree says that Ansh never spoke to me like this. What is wrong with all of you?

Naman says Saavi challenged me then I have told that I will catch a black power. Choti Pailwan says why are you making noise? He says that I am an idol now. Naman says to keep quiet. Choti Pailwan said that I can help you. But you have to make me normal. Bring gold, and let me eat. He said my Daayan wife has it.

Panditji says that all people are captured in the mirror. Only children are outside. Nishant says that we have to find a Daayan diamond first. If everyone is caught, we will not be able to do anything. Pandit says who is she? If she is Vedashree’s sister then why didn’t anyone tell us? Nishant says that we have to find out who is doing this and why?

Kalashree breaks the door and comes inside. She says you can’t run away from me.
Vedashree looks at Kalashree and said that I was scared of my own shadow. Kalashree said I am not your shadow, I’m your sister Kalashree.

Star Plus Serial Nazar 4th November Episode is very entertaining. If you have miss Nazar 4th November Episode on the tv then you can satisfy by reading these written updates.




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