Nazar 31st October 2019 Written Update - Piya And Ansh Get To Know About Mirror

Nazar 31st October 2019 Written Update: Piya And Ansh Get To Know About Mirror


The Nazar 31st October Episode begins by Mohana telling Piya about the black mirror but she does not listen. The duplicate Vedashree brings the children to Dayan Chaitali and Dayan Abhilash. They lure children into looking in the mirror and they get excited.

Mohana words keep ringing in Piya‘s mind and she sees a black mirror from above.
Nishant shows the black smoke to Pandit and says that he has collected the black smoke because the black smoke causes all the light in the place to go out. He also said to pandit that Piya informs him about Mohana saying something about the black mirror. They test it to find mirror mercury and understand that everything Mohana has said is true or not. The pandit asks who will answer their questions and they say it is Pratimayan.

Piya stops everyone from moving towards that mirror. She comes down and asks about the mirror because she hasn’t seen it before. Vedashree says that she has just bought it and asks her to look into it as well. Piya feels suspicious about Vedashree.


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Pratimayan Deal to ask three Questions only

Nishant and Pandit go to meet Pratimayan and ask her to answer their questions honestly. Pratimayan says that she will answer only three questions and asks them to question her wisely. They ask about the black smoke and she says that it is for Black Mirror and asks if this is Mohana and she says that she is not that useful. They ask otherwise who else if it is not a Mohana. She says that this is her second daughter and when they asked her name, she refused to answer, saying that three questions were over.

When Ansh comes there, Piya said not to look in the mirror. Piya sends the children to their room and asks Ansh what the problem is. He says that her father called us and he wants to talk in private. They both leave while the Dayan’s looked furious.


Choti Pailwan is about to take Naman with him, but Dilruba, her mother and Sannvi stop him. In order to take Dilruba’s mother with him instead of Naman, Sannvi makes a deal with him and the other two become furious.

Ansh tells Piya about Nishant visiting Pratimayan and saying about the black mirror. Piya says that Mohana told the same thing to her. Ansh says that Pratimayan said that this is her second daughter and they wonder if its Vedashree. Piya says how Vedashree was desperate to show her the mirror. She suspects for a moment but then realizes that Vedashree cannot do that. They wonder if Dayan Vedashree while Vedashree gets stuck in the mirror and gets confused. They decide not to look in the mirror and then find out who is real and who is fake.

Dayan wonders if Piya and Ansh find their truth. They feel that it is now a difficult task to take them to see the mirror. Fake Vedashree puts her black magic on the glasses of the house as if someone will come and see this mirror.

Piya suggests getting help from Mohana but Ansh refuses it. Ansh walks out of the room to check on the others while Piya looks at the mirror. Nishant lights a lantern and black smoke passes through it, revealing Chaitali and Abhilash as Dayan.

Dilruba attacks Choti Pailwan and accidentally her mother turns into a golden statue.

If you have miss Nazar 31st October on the tv then you can satisfy by reading these written updates.


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