Nazar 27th November 2019 Written Full Episode Update

Nazar 27th November 2019 Written Full Episode Update

Nazar 27th November 2019 Episode begins with Aadi and Pari were fighting, Piya stops them she scolds them and goes to Ansh. She tell Ansh that why didn’t he stop them? Ansh scolds her for spoiling the fun. Piya says is hurting our children is fun for you.

She asks what’s wrong and why are you doing this. Ansh says that there is nothing wrong and says that they are strong, they are just like crying baby. Aadi and Pari are about to leave but Ansh stops them. It is revealed that the person who was seeking help from Ansh is none other than Aadi and Pari and they promise to help him.

Dilruba finds Naman tied up and asks who did it. Naman is revealed that Mohan has done and asks her to leave. Dilruba refused to leave without him. Mohana says nice that they were willing to die for the other person. She says that the world never lets love or lovers live but she is not that much worse. 

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Ansh is seen crying and apologizing to Piya. Piya asks is anything is wrong and why is he behaving like this. Ansh agrees that something was wrong and he said ask your father for the reason. Dilruba comes back and says Naman is fine and wants to stay for her some more time and tells them to leave. They find it strange. Ansh is chasing Aadi who is running away from him.

Piya meets Nishant and tells about Ansh’s behavior. Nishant says that it is definitely Mohana’s shadow because he was afraid. Piya asks him why you have informed me about this before. Nishant says that he has said everything yesterday but Piya denied any such talks. Vedashree calls Piya and asks her to come home fast.

Everyone request Ansh to leave Aadi and Piya comes there. He throws Aadi from the balcony and everyone got shocked. They run to save him but Aadi was already saved by Pari. He pretends to faint. Dilruba is shocked to see this another face of Ansh. Mohana says her to focus on her work to save her husband.

Mohana tells Ansh that she knows why he is doing this drama and the second day is about to end. Piya and everyone feels relieved seeing Aadi and take him home. Piya cries and everyone consoles her. They go to confront Ansh so that he can get trapped. He misbehaves with Vedashree and hurts her with his words. He says that he is fed up with her drama and lectures and is moving away from them.

Ansh is about to leave when Nishant stops him. They tie him with iron ropes and Piya puts Daivik potion around him. She asks why he is doing all this. Ansh asks if his father did not tell her the reason. Piya said that yes, but I know that you have picked up the call. Everything is happening after that. She asks him to explain why he is doing all this and hugs her and cries.

Precap – Nazar Serial 28th November 2019 Episode: Mohana plans to kill Ansh by tying her hair with poison in the Pari’s hands.


Star Plus Nazar Serial 27th November 2019 Episode is very entertaining. If you have miss Nazar 27th November 2019 Episode on the tv then you can satisfy by reading these written updates.


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