Nazar 25th November 2019 Written Full Episode Update

Nazar 25th November 2019 Episode begins with Mohana says you have taken away my love from me and I will return it to you. Mohana cries putting Angad on her arm. Mohana says that now you will see the revenge of a Dayan. Lights start to glow. Mohana carries Angad and She remembers her moment together with him.

Vedashree says that Mohana is really angry. I don’t know what she would do. Chaitali says what will happen now. Ansh says that we will face whatever happens now. Vedashree says that her gaze does not let us live. How dangerous will her revenge be? I am her sister, I know what Dayan revenge can do. Chaitali says that Ansh, you should not have killed Angad. Ansh says if I haven’t killed him then he would have killed all of us. Shekhar says that we should be prepared for the Dangerous time to come.

Mohana cries and says that we were going to live our life together. I have no idea that it would end like this. They did not let us complete our 7 rounds. I will make their lives unhappy. They will cry so much that their tears dry up.
Ansh says she also thinks that I have done wrong. Piya says you have only that option what you did at that moment. She hugs him. Mohana performs the funeral of Angad and She says that no matter what happens, I will revenge your death.


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Nishant says it was not right. Saavi says that Mohana has threatened him. Nishant says that the threat of a Dayan shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially when her heart is hurt. When she comes back, we’ll see her face as we’ve never seen before. She was so selfish that she was ready to kill her own son for her age. She fell in love. Her love was taken away from her, she would cry for the next 24 hours. Her revenge burned in those 24 hours. We have tonight, to stop it.

Piya tells Ansh, we only have tonight to stop Mohana. Tomorrow she will be very much angry, she will ruin everything. Papa told me that. She will come to revenge you tomorrow. Ansh says that I am not afraid of her. Vedashree says but I am scared. I can’t lose you. Shekhar says we have to stop Mohana. Piya says that we have to catch Mohana. Mohana had told that you killed Angad to kill Singha. You only have tonight to stop After that no one can save you from my wrath.

Saavi says that we have caught Mohana many times but she always ran away. Nishant says that we have to find a way out. Saavi says that we have to stop her in any way. A photo frame falls down. Nishant says that this frame had fallen earlier too. Saavi says that there is no nail on this wall. I did this before also. Nishant says that I found a way to take catch her.

Nishant comes to Ansh house. Ansh said that are you sure Papa? He says I’m not, but we’ll have to try. Shekhar says sometimes, we have to do wrong to stop wrong. Vedashree says that if we do not stop her, she will kill all of us.

Mohana says that you have taken away Angad from me, but revenge was not ended. Everyone brings arrows there to attack her. Mohana says that all of you kill my Angad that isn’t enough that you want to kill me too? Ansh says that we can hold you here only so that you do not do what you should not do. Mohana says that I will do anyhow what I want to do.

You did what you shouldn’t have to do. Now nobody can save you, this weapon can’t save all of you. But our faith can save us, Vedashree says. She throws her the Gangajal. Everyone throws Gangajal on her. Nishant tied her with ropes. Vedashree says that we understand your pain. But I want you to understand why we are doing this and why Ansh killed Singha. Forgive us

Mohana is placed in a casket. Nishant says it is a nail. You know that hitting the nail on the casket to shut it down forever. Mohana says no no Ansh, don’t hold me here. She cries. Piya says Ansh, this is the only way. Mohana says that my mistake is only that I have tried to change myself? Is this what I get? Saavi says Ansh jiju, don’t listen to her. Mohana cries and says no Ansh. Mohana says I gave birth to you Ansh. You always considered Vedashree as your mother. I only wanted you to be happy for me. Now you are closing me here forever, do not take away my freedom from me. She cries. Ansh hits the casket and locked her. He says let go. They all came out. Nishant says that I  also have to seal the door. We should not be afraid of her now. She is in the casket forever.

Mohana threw the nail. She says that I knew Ansh, my emotional drama will affect you. You have not hit the nail correctly. You do not think by the mind like your mother. Now, no one can save you. I would be your Kaal.

Precap- Mohana breaks the door and says I am coming. Ansh throttled Abinash and said how dare you to come to my room. Piya says Ansh what are you doing, Vedashree says Ansh leave him plz.


Star Plus Nazar Serial 25th November 2019 Episode is very entertaining. If you have miss Nazar 25th November 2019 Episode on the tv then you can satisfy by reading these written updates.


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