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Nazar 1st November 2019 Written Update: Ansh gets captured by Kalashree

The Nazar 1st November Episode begins with Piya looking at her reflection Dayan in the mirror, while Dayan pulls Piya in the mirror. Piya tries to get out from that mirror and calls for Ansh and Ansh approaches her. He takes Piya away and breaks the mirror, discarding Dayan. He tells her to stay in the room when he goes and sees the children. Kalashree and others understand their plan for the day.

Saanvi asks Dilruba how she can leave her husband and mother in this condition and go. She says that she has a way of fighting with Choti Pailwan. Ansh comes to the children’s room and finds them with Chaitali and Abhilash. He is relieved and asks if everything is alright. Meanwhile, Nishant calls Piya and informs Dayan Chaitali and Abhilash instead of the real Chaitali and Abhilash in the house. Piya calls Ansh and informs him. Chaitali and Abhilash attack Ansh but he manages them. He tells the children to go to Piya through the walls and warns them not to look at any mirror even by mistake. Ansh fights with his uncle and aunt with his Dayan powers and runs away.


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Saanvi wears all the jewels of Choti Pailwan and instigates him to attack. When he is about to attack Saanvi, Dilruba shows him a mirror and he himself performs magic and becomes gold. Naman and Dilruba’s mother get freed.

Vedashree and Shekhar are in the lift and suddenly the lift stops. Ansh sees Kalashree heading towards the lift and Ansh stops her. He tells her not to go anywhere and asks about Shekhar. She says that he is outside and he tries to call him. Vedashree and Shekhar lose their mobile signals. They find it strange when sudden black magic attacks them.

Ansh gets shocked after seeing a mirror in front of him and Kalashree comes into her own. Ansh is shocked to see this. His reflection Dayan tries to drag him into the mirror when Ansh fights against him.

Piya is worried about Ansh and tries to leave. The children offer to accompany them but Piya stops them and warns them not to come out until she or their father calls them. She leaves and finds a broken mirror. She realizes ansh part word and she worried about her reflection from the lamp on her. She uses her knife and breaks all the lamps.

Ansh is still fighting Dayan Ansh and the two get into the mirror and Dayan Ansh comes out. Kalashree and others smile on seeing it. Saanvi leaves when Naman stops her. He says that she is still Revanshi and asks her to take him away. Saanvi challenges him to capture a black power and prove that he is Revanshi and leaves. Naman wonders what to do.


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