Nazar 12th November 2019 Written Full Episode Update

Nazar 12th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Nazar 12th November 2019 Episode begins with Piya tells Ansh about hair. She said that Papa said, Patmayan had sent her hair to her daughter. Mohana is also her daughter. Chaitali said that we have no idea how many daughters Patmayan had. Who knows that Mohana also has a twin.

Piya said that hair will automatically reach Patmayan’s daughter. What will happen if it reaches Mohana instead of ashes? Ansh said that we cannot take the help of Mohana. Piya said that we have no other option. Chaitali said she is right. Abinash said that we cannot trust anyone like Mohana. Ansh said yes, she is very clever.

Mohana dressed and danced in the Chunari Sanam. Everyone looks inside. Chaitali said what happened to her? Is there a dancer ghost in it? Piya says why is she dancing like crazy? Ansh said that you are seeking help from those who do not know what to do. Abinash said that Ansh is right. We should not take help from her.


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The doll tries to open the door. Aadi opens the door. He says who was trying to open the door. He sees the doll on the floor. Pari says Aadi, I knew you have hidden my doll. She says mamma come here. Piya comes the Pari says that Aadi keeps hiding my doll. Aadi says that she hides her doll and accuses me. Piya said that we are already worried about grandma and you two are fighting over this doll? She takes the doll from them and locks it in the closet. Piya says no one will touch it.

Mohana takes a bath and gets dressed. Chaitali said that Piya looks there. Mohana looks at her and says that if he sees me like this he will run away. She breaks the mirror in anger. Chaitali said what is wrong with him? Aadi is sleeping The doll opens the cupboard and comes out.

Ansh says that I feel helpless. I can’t bring Maa back and ease Papa’s pain. Piya says Maa is with us. Ansh says as ashes? Piya says Papa is trying. Chachi and I also went to the Mohana, but she was doing strange acts. Ansh says that I do not care what Mohana does. I told you not to go near her. Don’t you value what I say? Why did you go there? I’m sorry. Piya says that it’s fine. Please do not worry. She Hugs Ansh.


Scene 2

Angad calls Mohana and said that you did not come? She says I can’t come. She looks into the eye. He says at least come to your roof. She says I did not come. He says I want to see your face. Mohana says that you have to wait for a long time. He says that I can wait for my whole life.

Piya tries to call Nishant. She says Papa, I can’t hear you. Ansh sees Angad on the street in his balcony. Mohana peeks out. She says he doesn’t leave until I go out. Piya calls Nishant and says what happened to Papa? They see that light is coming from the wall where the ashes are. Piya says why is it shining? Nishant says that Kalashree’s ashes reveal that Patmayan‘s hair is around and it is asking her to come there. Ansh says that this means that hair will be coming here. Piya says how will we find it? Chaitali says that we should change the position. Piya says that we cannot stop it. Chaitali says that we have to find that hair.

Avi watches CCTV footage of the house. He says that the lift went to the 45th floor on its own? They look at the other camera and there is a doll inside.
Nishant says that we can force ashes to separate. Pandit Ji says that if we pour Gangajal on the ashes, then the ashes of Kalashree will be separated. Nishant says it will be risky for Vedashree, but we have to.

Chaitali tells Piya that we have to get help from Mohana. Piya says, but Ansh does not agree. Chaitali said what will happen if we do not tell Ansh? We have to do something before coming to Maha Dayan otherwise Vedashree never returned. Only a Mohana can help us.

The Aadi gets up and says who opened the closet? Where did the doll go? The doll is walking towards Piya’s room. Aadi tells the Pari why did you takeout the doll? Mama asked you not to takeout. The Pari says you took the doll. Ansh said what happened? Pari says he took my Rosy. Aadi says she took it. Ansh says I’ll get it.


Scene 3

Saavi says that we are still idols. That Naman did not cure us. Dilruba says where did he go? Her mother says went with Chota Pehelwan. Saavi says how will we come out? Dilruba’s mother says that I cannot do anything. Dilruba says won’t you do it for your daughter? She fixes them. She says now get me out of this witch’s circle. Saavi says that only Naman can break it. Dilruba says I can break it. Saavi says I won’t leave Naman.


Star Plus Serial Nazar 12th November 2019 Episode is very entertaining. If you have miss Nazar 12th November 2019 Episode on the tv then you can satisfy by reading these written updates.


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