Last Christmas Movie review- Strictly for fans of Emilia Clarke

Last Christmas movie: Strictly for enthusiasts of Emilia Clarke

Last Christmas Movie stars Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding as Kate and Tom, who find love in a jukebox jaunt for George Michael’s biggest hit.

Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding star in a stunning love story set for the soundtrack to George Michael’s greatest hits.

Sixteen years after Love actually earned a generation of fans, is another British film set to steal the crown of the rom-com celebration?

Aside from Michael’s generous use of peppy hits, there’s one thing going on for last Christmas. This raises a question about the world’s obsession with being “special” and wonders why there can’t one just be.


Last Christmas movie star cast: Emilia Clarke, Henry Golding, Emma Thompson, Michelle Yeoh
Last Christmas Film Director: Paul Feig


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Emma Thompson writer/screenwriter/ co-producer is one of the main cast members of Last Christmas Movie. Emilia Clarke was one of several award-winning members of The Game of Thrones. Henry Golding and Michelle Yeoh still bear the halo of Crazy Rich Asians’ success. Paul Feig is the director of hit films such as Bridesmaids, Spy, and the new Ghostbusters. Last Christmas called himself “inspired” by George Michael. It should add up to everything.

Explain that the film is much longer than ‘Must’. Its protagonist Katarina or Kate (Clarke) is a selfish, flamboyant and smug Londoner who can only pull a Phoebe Waller-Bridge – before they all find their way.

She crashes at friends’ homes, either kill their pets or accidentally destroy items, does a variety of things at a shop that sells Christmas festivals all year round, an elf Dressed as, and sees herself as the singer of Christmas Carols and George Michael. The shop is owned by Yeoh, who calls herself Santa to complete the experience. And, one of the film’s many silly jokes, Kate believes that her Chinese employer actually has that name.

One fine evening, Kate looks out of the shop window and sees whom but Tom (Golding) is hovering around. He takes her for a walk around the city, during which he shows her a “secret garden”, pointing to flickering fairy lights in London’s “narrowest” street (which you won’t find too narrow), Teaches her ice skating at a deserted rink – cycling around delivering goods as a courier, and working with people suffering from stress and as a volunteer at a homeless shelter . Yes, it is equally dreamy.

Clarke tries to be the best she can be, and her million-watt smile makes it easy. However, Golding is too petty to hold up the other end, not about the disappointing plot which meanders from the mundane to the silly.

Thompson elevates the proceedings slightly as an immigrant from former Yugoslavia who is still afraid Communists should be seen. However, the movie only introduces this laughter, reducing the number of immigrants in the time of Brexit, as it is as far away from its home. Unlike Kate, her sister Marta is a successful lawyer (similarities to redrawing the Fleabag again).

In addition to Michael’s generous use of the dreaded hits, there’s one thing going on for last Christmas. This raises a question about the world’s obsession with being “special” and wonders why it just can’t happen. Or, in this case, why it cannot be done.


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