Jeffrey Epstein: Two Prison Guards Arrested In Dead Connection

The federal indictment against two prison guards who were doing their duty at night when Jeffrey Epstein died, provides a detailed break from what was going on in the final hours of his life.

Prosecutors say, the guards, Tova Noel and Michael Thomas, repeatedly failed to investigate Jeffrey Epstein and then filed false forms stating they had. The guards pleaded not guilty in Manhattan federal court on Tuesday to conspiracy charges and the filing of false documents and were released on bail packages that include a $ 100,000 bond for each defendant. Jeffrey Epstein‘s lawyers declined to comment on the indictment. The alleged incidents in jail are based on the indictment.


Jeffrey Epstein Arrest and First Suicide Attempt

July 6: Jeffrey Epstein is arrested on federal charges for allegedly running a sex-trafficking venture between 2002 and 2005, in which he paid for young girls with his property in his Manhattan home and Palm Beach to have sex. He was at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan.

July 8: Epstein, 66, pleads not guilty to the sex trafficking of minors and conspiring to engage in the sex trafficking of minors.


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July 10: Epstein is assigned to the prison’s special housing unit, known as SHU, due to risk factors for housing-related suicide and safety concerns in the general population. At SHU, prisoners are assigned at six different levels, each consisting of eight cells.

July 18: A federal judge denies Epstein’s bail and rules that he should hold his case pending at the Metropolitan Correctional Center.

July 23: Prison officials find Jeffrey Epstein on the floor of his cell with a strip of bedsheets around his neck. He was later transferred out of the SHU and placed under a suicide watch in the wing of the hospital, where he is seen 24 hours a day by a staff member or a specially trained prisoner companion. He remains under suicide watch for almost 24 hours and is transferred to psychological observation, also in the hospital wing.

30 July: Epstein transferred back to SHU and required a designated cellmate. He was assigned to the cell closest to the correctional officers’ desk in the SHU general area, which is about 15 feet from the cell.

July 31: Epstein appears in Manhattan federal court and shows no obvious signs of injury. The next court appearance is scheduled for October 8.


The night of Epstein Death

August 9: 100 pages of court documents are revoked in a New York federal court alleging new details of sexual abuse claims against Epstein and several associates.

August 9, 8 am: Epstein’s cellmate is transferred out of prison, premeditated transfer. No new cellmate has been assigned.

August 9, 4 pm: Tova Noel, a 31-year-old officer at MCC, begins the first of two back-to-back eight-hour shifts at SHU. Noel has been appointed as a corrective officer at MCC since around 2016.

Noel and an anonymous “officer-1” do not perform the required 4 o’clock. Institutional count according to the indictment, internal video show. They complete and sign a count slip wrongly saying that they did. The indictment states that the count slip is collected and transported to the control center, where officers are responsible for comparing the count slip to the institution’s roster.

August 9, 5:03 pm: Based on fake count slip, the control center clarifies at 4 pm. Count.

August 9, 7:49 pm: Epstein returns to SHU from a lawyer’s visit and is sent to his cell by Noel and another officer.

August 9, 10 am or before: All prisoners are locked in their cells for the night.

August 9, 10 pm: Noel and an anonymous “Officer-2” do not perform the required 10 pm. Institutional count, internal video show. They compete and sign a slip wrong saying they did it.

August 9, 10:30 pm: Noel walks briefly and goes back through the door to the tier in which Epstein was housed, the internal video show. This is the last time anyone walks up to the entrance to the area where Jeffrey Epstein was held until 6:30 am the next day, the indictment said.

Aug 9, 10:36 pm: Based on fake calculation slip, the control center clarifies at 10 pm. Count.

August 10, 12 pm: Michael Thomas, a 41-year-old officer at MCC, begins an eight-hour shift on duty at SHU. Thomas has been employed as a corrective officer at MCC since approximately 2007. In 2013, he was assigned to work as a materials handler supervisor, but still worked regularly overtime shifts as a corrective officer.

Thomas and Noel, the only two correctional officers on duty, do not count the required 12 o’clock, internal video show. They complete and sign a count slip wrongly saying that they did.

August 10, 12:49 pm: Based on an incorrect count slip, the control center clears the 12 o’clock count.

August 10, 12 am to 6:30 pm: Noel and Thomas failed to complete the required 30-minute rounds at SHU. Noel completes and incorrectly signs more than 75 different 30-minute round entries wrongly as they conduct the rounds.

Noel and Thomas, sitting in the officers’ desk area, use computers and roam around the general area of ​​SHU. For about two hours Noel and Thomas sit at their table non-stop and appear to be sleeping. Noel uses computers from time to time, including the sale of furniture and searching the Internet for profitable websites. According to the indictment, Thomas briefly uses computers at 1 pm, 4 pm, and 6 pm to find motorcycle sales and sports news.

August 10, 3 pm: Noel and Thomas do not make the required 3 o’clock count, the internal video show. They complete and sign a count slip wrongly saying that they did it.

August 10, 3:24 pm: Based on an incorrect count slip, the control center clears the 3 o’clock count.

August 10, 4 am: Overnight Supervisor visits Noel and Thomas at SOU and confronts them before leaving.

August 10, 5 am: Noel and Thomas do not count the required 5 pm, internal video show. They complete and sign a count slip wrongly saying that they did it.

August 10, 5:30 a.m: Based on an incorrect count slip, the control center clears the 5 o’clock count.

August 10, 5:30 AM: Another correctional officer briefly walks through the SHU Common Area. Video surveillance shows that no one else entered SHU, no one held a count or rounds overnight and no one went to the tier where Epstein was placed.

August 10, 6 am: Noel and Thomas receive breakfast cart at SHU.

August 10, 6:30 a.m: Noel and Thomas walk upstairs and enter the tier in which Epstein was hired to serve breakfast.

Aug 10, 6:33 a.m: An alarm is activated in SHU. Epstein is alone in his cell and unresponsive, who has a noose around his neck.

An anonymous “Supervisor-1” who had just started his innings almost immediately responds to the alarm. Noel approached SHU’s door to open it for Supervisor-1 and said “Epstein hung himself,” the indictment said. Later, Noel tells Observer-1, “We didn’t finish at 3 o’clock nor the 5 o’clock round.” Thomas says “we messed up” and “I messed up, that’s not to blame, we didn’t score around according to the indictment.”

August 10, morning: Jeffrey Epstein is taken to a hospital, where he is declared dead for apparent suicide, the Bureau of Prisons says.


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