James Cameron unveils 'Avatar 2' new release date
Avatar 2

James Cameron unveils ‘Avatar 2’ new release date

Avatar 2 Movie is an upcoming epic science-fiction movie directed, produced, and co-written by James Cameron, produced and distributed by 20th Century Fox. James Cameron’s much-awaited Avatar 2 movie is set for 2019 and the makers shared a behind-the-scenes look from the film’s set.

Legendary filmmaker James Cameron said that he has managed to shoot the first scene of his movieAvatar 2‘ amidst the challenges of filming underwater scenes. The release of the much-awaited sequel to the 2009 Oscar-winning film has been postponed several times due to the challenges of underwater shooting.

According to a report by femalefirst.co.uk, the 63-year-old director told the movie website Collider.com that the scene was shot successfully last week. James Cameron has completed filming for the year on the sequel to his upcoming avatar 2 movie, and a back-of-the-scene photo has been released during the celebration.

The Avatar franchise’s official Twitter page shows its followers to a craft that’ll be featured in the new movie called the Sea Dragon. “Look at this photograph of the toward the back well deck segment of the Sea Dragon, an enormous mothership that carries an array of other sea-going craft in the sequels.”


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He said, “We have tested many times and now we have achieved success for the first time on  (November 14, 2019) Tuesday. We have actually shot the entire scene underwater with our young actors. There were six teenagers and a seven-year-old boy in this scene and they all completed this scene underwater. “

The film production team was forced to announce earlier this year that the film would not be completed by the previously scheduled December 21, 2018, in view of the challenges faced in filming the film’s scenes.

The director of ‘Titanic’ has revealed that he does not think that the trial phase of the movie will be over by January 2018.

Avatar 2 Movie will be released on December 17, 2021, worldwide.


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