Divya Drishti 16th November 2019 Written Full Episode Update

Divya Drishti 16th November 2019 Written Full Episode Update

Divya Drishti 16th November 2019 Episode Begin with Pishachini gearing up for a party with the Shergill family. Members of the Shergill family treat her like a princess. She orders them to take care of her, to dry-dry her hair and to do manicures. Pishachini enjoys VIP treatment. She assures them that she will save Divya from harsh punishment.

Divya is worried about going to hell. Drishti, on the other hand, tells her not to worry. Shikhar mentioned that he would go to find and take the body. He convinces Rakshit that he will manage to do so. Later, Divya and Drishti return home by doing acting drunk. Pishachini came them and they invite her to join a party. Drishti mentioned that they would play Antakshari. She Challenged Pishchini to do competition with the Shergill family. Pishachini breaks into dance as she sings ‘maar Diya Jaye Ya Chod Diya Jaye’.

Rakshit gives Shikhar five minutes to complete the work. He tells him to be careful. Meanwhile, DivyaDrishti groove to the tunes ‘Aye Fasa.’ Shikhar starts his mission while Pishachini threatens to leave from there. Shergill’s Family manages to stop her. Pishachini finally left there.


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Rakshit gets drunk and stops her. Rakshit started dancing with pishachini to stop her there. Shikhar, on the other hand, manages to get the body. Drishti is drawn to watch the dance Rakshit with Pishachini.

After a while, Pishachini went to Devadhi and saw there is no body of Patali.  Shikhar spoke about his succession plan. The Pishachini suspects the Shergill family and believes that Patali’s body is with them. Drishti and Pishachini blame each other.

Kaal Devta asks the Pishachini to find the body of Patali. Divya accidentally drinks a liquid and turns into Drishti. Patali transforms into the same as Divya pours magical water into her mouth. Pishachini asked Shikhar about Patali’s body. Shikhar’s mother asks him to stay indoors. Simran suddenly falls down and the Shergill family members do acting. They blame Pishachini for harassing her. Pishachini stops them from taking Simran from the house. She says that they cannot leave the house as the case is not solved and is still going on.

Rakshit tells Simran to do acting as she is unwell. Pishachini knocks at the door with the doctor. The doctor examines Simran and she reveals that Simran is fine. But Simran suddenly throws blood from mouth to doctor. after that Rakshit tells this doctor is not a real doctor this is a team of your team. We have to take Simran to the hospital because her health condition is getting worse.


Next Episode– While Shergill family taking a Patali dead body to hide near the temple, Pisachini saw them and called Kaal Devta. Kaal Devta declared that Divya gets punished and she has to go to Hell (Narak).


Star Plus Serial Divya Drishti 16th November 2019 Episode is very entertaining. If you have missed Divya Drishti 16th November 2019 Episode on the tv then you can satisfy by reading these written updates.





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