Bigg Boss Tamil 3 finalists recall their journey in the show - Hungama Khabar
Bigg Boss Tamil 3 finalists recall their journey in the show - Hungama Khabar

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 finalists recall their journey in the show

The finalists of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 share their experiences of being a part of the popular reality show, which is hosted by Kamal Haasan.

The finalists of Bigg Boss Tamil 3—Sandy, Losliya, Sherin, and Mugen—recollect their journey.

At ten in the morning, a handful of journalists arrive at the EVP Film City on the outskirts of Chennai. After a quick breakfast, people on the television channel ask us to write questions to the finalists of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 – Sandy, Losliya, Sherin, and Mugen on the A4 sheet. They insist that we have, at least, ten questions – three of which were ‘selected’. Eventually, we were instructed to proceed with the ‘accepted people’. Still, I was away from the smartphone – not for a day, but for an hour.

Here are excerpts from the conversation:


Q: Sandy, sum up your journey in the house so far.

 Entertain and make fellow contestants happy, but I was never connected to my family. I regret this big time. I was completely focused on shoots, dance programs, etc. Bigg Boss Tamil 3 made me realize the importance of family, relationships, and relationships. I learned a lot of good things here. After leaving the show we plan to form a WhatsApp group; So that we can keep in touch with each other. I am who I am and I have no strategy. Have fun, be happy with the mantra I go with. I only get emotional when I talk about my daughter because I love her.

Q: Losliya, what’s your immediate plan post-exit?

come from a middle-class background, and I felt bad through my parents. I am sure he was questioned about what was happening in the house. I need to talk to them and sort things out – although they know me better than anyone else. They also trust me, and this is important. But, what the viewer sees every day is just one hour of footage. I think I am in a position to understand them as true. Additionally, I remained true to myself. I’m not like that in real life, and there are no extra layers. I am a decision-maker in my family, and it will be the same regardless of the things happening here. (Laughs)


Q: Sherin, tell us about the unforgettable moments you experienced in these 100 days in Bigg Boss Tamil 3

Although Vanitha and I were dear friends, we had a big fight over the Tharshan. I was hurt by her statements. I was in tears because I know they were not true. Tharshan is a close friend of mine. Despite my competitive nature, I wanted him to win in too many instances. He is a bundle of talent.still have not come to know that Tharshan is not with us. I never thought it would affect me so much. I am learning. Bigg Boss Tamil has helped me grow into a better person. For example, in the beginning, there were differences between Lausalia and me, but now, we are good friends. It takes a long time for the person to accept her for who she is and vice versa.


Q: Mugen, what’s next?

I realized that art was my calling from when I was a child. I grew up watching people happy for my father, a stage singer. Also, I want to do more music albums and act in ‘blockbuster’ movies. Also, I want to inspire everyone. Despite missing my family, I have gained a lot to be a part of Bigg Boss Tamil 3. We were rooting for Tharshan, and hoped to win from him; Unfortunately, he left.


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