Bala Singh Tamil Film Actor Passes Away in Chennai
Tamil Film Actor

Tamil Actor Bala Singh Passes Away in Chennai

Tamil Movie Actor Bala Singh passed away in a private hospital on Wednesday at 01:00 AM in Chennai. He has died at the age of 67 years old.

Tamil actor Bala Singh has passed away. He was 67 years old. Bala Singh was admitted to Vijaya Hospital in Chennai because of food poisoning and was undergoing treatment there. He has died at 01:00 pm on Wednesday in Chennai. His body will be kept at Virgambakkam for homage till the eve and then taken to his hometown of Nagercoil for the last rites.

Bala Singh’s journey in the Tamil film industry was not easy. The actor made his first screen appearance in a bit role in Vaa Indha Pakkam, and he got some attention for his role in Ezhavathu Manithan. But, it was actor Nassar’s first film Avatharam that put him on the highlighted map.


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He played the main antagonist Basi, which opened up a floodgate of opportunities for him. Bala went on to act in a series of memorable films with some of the biggest names in the Tamil film industry. Apart from movies, he has also played in several hit TV serials such as Rudraveenai and Aathira.

He is usually seen as a villain in films and has played the role of a politician in Tamil films. In 2009, he explored the relationship between grandparents and his grandchildren in a film, playing the lead role as a grandfather in Vannathupoochi. Bala Singh initially began his career in stage plays and trained with the National School of Drama, before being assigned his first film role in Nassar’s Avataram (1995).

He played the main antagonist Basi, an expelled troupe member and got critical acclaim for his performance in the film. He has played supporting roles in films directed by Shankar, Mani Ratnam, and Kamal Haasan, often playing villain roles.


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