Australian wildfires injure firefighters and destroy homes

Australian wildfires: There was no fire at the emergency level in the early hours of Wednesday, but rain reducing the risk of fire is not forecast for months. Officials said more than 50 homes were damaged or destroyed in Australia’s most populous wilderness before the emergency and 13 firefighters were injured overnight.

At the point on Tuesday, 16 fires simultaneously spiraled out of control at a simultaneous emergency level in New South Wales.

There was no fire burning at the emergency level in the early hours of Wednesday, but rain extinguish the risk of fire is not expected for months. A similar intense fire was experienced on Friday that killed three residents and destroyed more than 150 homes.

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State Premier Gladys Berejiklian said she was relieved that the destruction on Tuesday was no worse. A week-long emergency for New South Wales was declared on Monday due to the fire hazard, with Tuesday being the most dangerous day forecast.

 “I have to feel extremely relieved this morning that our wonderful volunteers and emergency service personnel manage to save the lives and property of the devastation and tomorrow, Berejiklian told reporters in Sydney.

Rural Fire Services Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said none of the injured firefighters had sustained serious injuries.


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